Authentic Syracuse BBQ restaurant
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Menu : Homemade BBQ sauce, "Authentic Pit BBQ" Pork, Brisket, BBQ Chicken, BBQ Ribs, Wings
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Mo's Pit BBQ & Cowboy Cuisine ~ 103 Bennett Road, Camillus NY 13038 (315) 708-0888~

                                                        Pork Spare Ribs                 

                              "Fallin off the bone"

                                                                                       5th Place American BBQ Championships 2012

                                                                            Served with two sides & cornbread

                                                                 Full Rack $28.99 / Half Rack $16.99 





                                                                Served w/ 2 sides and cornbread                       


                   Pork Dinner: slow roasted pork piled high 11.99

                            Beef Brisket: hand rubbed, slow smoked until tender and hand sliced. 14.99

    Mo's BBQ 1/2 Chicken: we brine our birds, smoke them slowly and then finish  them on the grill with our #1 sauce.  11.99 (These birds will be pink near the bone due to the Nature of cooking with wood. This does not indicate they are undercooked.)

                            Fried Haddock we hand bread our fillets and deep fry them until they are golden and crispy.   11.99 
                            ( Fridays only)
                      Broiled Haddock: large fillet broiled with lemon and butter. 11.99  (Fridays only)
                   Pork and Brisket Combo: Pulled pork and beef brisket 16.99
SIDES   All of our sides are homemade in our kitchen.  2.79       French Fries                Beans  
Mac & Cheese           Salt Potatoes           Coleslaw        Macaroni Salad     Potato Salad

SANDWICHES served with one side. 

            Pulled Pork: rubbed with our House spice rub, smoked for 10 hrs then hand pulled. 8.79

                    Pulled Pork Carolina:  topped w/ homemade coleslaw                 8.99     

                    Beef Brisket:  hand rubbed and smoked in our wood smoker for 10 hours. 9.99               

             Sliced Turkey: Deep fried Turkey breast hand sliced and served with lettuce, tomato and Ranch 8.99
              Buffalo Chicken Sandwich: crispy chicken breast tossed with wing sauce and topped with blue cheese and celery. 8.99
              Chicken Ranch Sandwich:  w/ bacon, melted cheese & ranch dressing. 8.99   

            Fried Haddock: hand breaded fillet, deep fried and served with tartar. 9.99  (Fridays only)
               Sloppy Mo: Pulled Pork, Bacon, Coleslaw and fries piled high on a bun 10.99


Snacks & Starters


       Chicken Tenders:

             Deep fried and served with ranch dressing. 5.99              Basket of Fries      3.99                        Basket of Cajun Fries 4.99            Cheddar Bacon Fries: 6.99                      


Mo's Smokey Wings: 12 jumbo wings spend a little time in our smoker then get fried up crispy. Served with bleu cheese and celery. Hot, BBQ or xxx hot.  7.99

BURGERS- served with one side     

                       "The Works": hand packed burger topped with lettuce, tomato and onion. 8.99

      Cowboy Burger: A hand-packed burger grilled w/hickory smoked bacon & American cheese.    8.99

                             Bacon Bleu Burger: hand-packed burger topped with bacon and bleu cheese dressing.       


    Mushroom Swiss Burger: hand- packed burger topped with sautéed mushrooms and melted swiss. 8.99   

                              BBQ Burger: A hand-packed burger grilled w/our homemade #3 BBQ sauce

                                                           &  warm cheese sauce.  6.99          

                         Cajun Burger: A hand-packed burger rubbed w/Cajun seasoning & topped with onions &                  

                              peppers. 7.99
Cheeseburger:   A hand-packed burger, seasoned, grilled & topped w/American cheese. 7.99

              Hamburger: a hand-packed burger, seasoned & grilled to perfection.   6.99 

                                                                                  BBQ Combos




                                                     Mo’s Ultra Combo

                              ½ rack ribs, ½ Chicken, Brisket, Pork, 3 sides. 33.99



                                                                Chicken & Rib Combo

                                       1/2 Rack Ribs,1/2 Chicken,  3 sides, corn bread


                                         Mo’s Super Combo

                               Full Rack ribs, ½ Chicken, Pork, Brisket,

                         4 large sides.   (Feeds 6-8)


                                                            Mo’s Combo Platter

               Half rack ribs, Beef Brisket & pulled pork, with 2 sides

            (You better be one hungry hombre to handle this one.)    25.99



                   Marcellus Take out Menu: 673-7423

                     By the lb.                 Sandwich                                        Dinner
Pulled Pork :      12.99             5.99                              11.99
Beef Brisket :   14.99               7.99                              14.99 
Sliced Turkey:   12.99              5.99                              11.99
Pulled Chicken:  11.99             5.99                               11.99

Pork Spare ribs:
            1/2 Rack: 11.99                                             16.99
            Full Rack: 21.99                                             26.99
BBQ 1/2 Chicken: 6.99                                                10.99

Sides: Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, Macaroni & Cheese, Baked Beans, Creamy Coleslaw. 2.79 



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